Confined Space Training

Confined space training courses Perth

Our confined space training course is designed to educate candidates on the correct processes to enter and work in a confined space in the resources and infrastructure industries. It covers the correct preparation and planning before entering a confined space, the actual entry itself, and then working within the confines of a small working area. Of course you’ll also learn to clean and exit the working space.

When you undergo a confined space training course at our Perth facility you will receive all the necessary knowledge and skills required to work safely and efficiently in confined spaces as per AS/NZS 2865:200. There are a number of variations of this course, but before you can work inside a confined space you are required by law to complete the course. The 16-hour course runs over two days.

Whether you are an employer looking to train your staff or an individual who wants to upskill yourself, talk to us at SMS. We design our courses to give you both the theory and practical experience to work safely and confidently in confined spaces.

Working in confined spaces can be scary and dangerous, and without the necessary skill and knowledge, workers could seriously endanger themselves or their colleagues. Our course will teach you how to work in hostile environments, how to identify danger and the use of rescue harnesses and other safety equipment. You will all enter a simulated confined space, to ensure you are capable of this type of work and capable of working under these hostile conditions.

On completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Evaluate the confined space for entry
  • Use all protective equipment and clothing
  • Successfully complete confined space operations
  • Recognise and assess a confined space in the workplace
  • Detect any hazards associated with the confined space entry
  • Assess any risks associated with the confined space operation
  • Activate any rescue response required

Successful participants will receive a certificate of completion and a licence to work in confined spaces.

Contact us to today for more information or to book your space in our next available course.