Rigging Courses Perth

Rigging & dogging courses and training

While we specialise in scaffolding courses we also offer a variety of rigging and dogging courses in Perth.

Dogging is the physical attachment of slings (chains, shackles and associated equipment) to a crane and lifting device that involves the movement of heavy loads. The “dogman” is responsible for the safe lifting and movement of these loads, as well as accurately directing the crane.

The crane operator sits high up without a clear picture of the construction site and relies on the dogman to direct him. When you are moving huge loads, which can weigh in excess of a tonne or more, any small mistake or accident can prove fatal. Therefore, the dogman carries a lot of responsibility and has to undergo a dogging training course to ensure his compliance with all safety and operational aspects of the job.

Rigging is the installation of various pieces of equipment used in the maintenance and construction sector(s). Specifically it involves the placement of equipment by mechanical means, the steel erection of structures, and encompasses all of the duties of a dogman.

Scaffolding Management Services (SMS) offers four distinct dogging and rigging training courses, which take place in Perth, Darwin and Brisbane.

Dogging (DG)

The dogging course teaches students how to attach loads to cranes and how to direct the crane(s) when conducting lifts/movements.

The course is 40 hours and runs over five days. 

Basic Rigging (RB)

Our basic rigging course teaches steel erection, working at heights, how to install material hoists, the use of winches and other mechanical equipment. It also teaches how to install cantilevered crane loading platforms.

The course is 40 hours and runs over five days. 

Intermediate Rigging(RI)

Our Intermediate rigging training course involves 24 hours of training and lasts three days. The course teaches dual crane lifts, demolition rigging, and personnel/material mast climbers.

Advanced Rigging (RA)

Once you or your employee have completed the basic and intermediate rigging courses, you are qualified to undertake the advanced rigging courses. This encompasses the installation of flying foxes, shear-legs and gin poles.

The course involves 16 hours of training and runs over two days.

These courses run sequentially, starting with the DG, RB, RI and RA, and you need to complete each course successfully before doing the next one in line.

This is because of the complexity involved with each course. You will learn new skills on one course and build upon you skill set of with each additional course as you progress. An advanced rigger can undertake all of the functionality of the RI, RB and DG.

Whether you are a business manager or owner looking to train your staff, or an individual looking to up-skill yourself, these skills will provide you or your employees with a high level of competence and confidence to take on the toughest jobs.

In the near future, we will be combining all four courses into a CERT III traineeship.

Contact us to find out more about our dogging and rigging training course in Brisbane, Darwin and Perth.