Working at Heights Training Perth & Brisbane

Working at heights training in Perth & Brisbane

Working at heights requires a lot more than just bravery and a good head for heights. There is a range of skills and procedures you need to know in order to ensure you and your colleagues’ safety when working high above the ground. That is why at SMS Contracting, we offer working at heights training for both experienced and less experienced workers.

Our working at heights training courses in Perth and Brisbane are aimed at providing candidates with the required abilities, skills and knowledge to perform a range of jobs while working at heights, safely and competently. The course covers theoretical and practical aspects, including selection, inspection and the safe use of equipment. You will also learn about risk management and what the requirements of relevant Australian Standards are as well as company procedures and legislation.

Other aspects covered include the proper wearing of a harness and attachment of the harness to a suitable anchor point to protect workers in the event of a fall from heights. This is a one-day course (eight hours), which you need to renew every two years.

For people who are able to work safely and comfortably at great heights, there have always been jobs available. Just think back to the early 20 century when workers used to work on cranes and scaffold hundreds of metres above the ground, often without adequate training and safety equipment. There are still a number of these jobs available, but these days work sites with extensive safety procedures and equipment, combined with good training, have made it far safer for employees who work at these heights.

Whether you want to work in construction, on a mine site, or on an oil and gas site, the skills you learn with us will keep you safe and make you employable. You will get to practice working at heights to see if indeed you are suitable and will receive the appropriate license at the end of your course. If you combine this with EWP and high risk work courses, you have just opened up a world of employment opportunities for yourself.

Reach for the stars with SMS Contracting, just be safe while you’re at it.