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Scaffolding Management Services in Western Australia

With our years of experience in scaffolding management services throughout Perth we understand the common frustrations many companies face—expensive employment structures, time-consuming efforts in project management, and of course, employee retention and satisfaction. Are you experiencing any of these problems?

Our mission is to provide you with a safe environment in which to manage your project successfully through our dedicated safety management services.

Our scaffolding management services in Perth delivers a range of trustworthy, reliable and high-quality solutions for your company’s project needs.

Let us partner with you on any of your existing scaffolding management needs, or increase the quality and range of service you currently require by allowing us to introduce new offerings, safer and nationally-recognised accreditations to your business today.

With our customer-focused attitude and our procedures, processes, policies and accreditations in place, we are determined to build lasting and strong relationships with you through our integrity in everything we do.

We are proud to showcase our safety process since we have had zero LTls in 10 years—this is because we select only the best and suitably-qualified people for the job. We always believe in safety for our scaffolding management services and access solutions in Perth, which is why we always create safe working environments.

SMS Group Services

  • Scaffolding Management Services is our core business service in which we take great pride in offering the best and safest methods by providing an experienced scaffolding team to complete the project at hand timeously and safely. All scaffolding is fully compliant with Australian residential trades. Whether you are a painter, plumber or electrician we have a wide range of solutions for you.


  • Contracting is one of our most commonly-used services since we are equipped to hire out our equipment and our staff to help you and your project run smoothly. We are a reliable scaffolding rental services company in Perth with years of experience to help your project – no matter how big or small – get off the ground by the safest and most qualified means.


  • Sentry Services provides specialist workers to assist you with your confined space and to help implement and monitor specific control measures. These include communications, signs, and the isolation of connected plants and services. We will also provide an ongoing ‘safety monitoring’ system in which we will provide you with the specialist services from a pool of over 100 specially-trained sentries.


  • Rope Access is always in high demand since the competence and the skill is not an easy trade to learn. However, with our many employees who are fully-qualified and ready to help with your rope access requirements, we are more than happy to lend them to you to help you with your project until you are fully satisfied.


  • VOC Assessments are part of our service offering because VOC Assessments are undertaken by SMSTI. The following VOC Assessments may be completed at our Perth site or at your workplace. Basic scaffolding, Intermediate scaffolding, dogging, rigging, forklift, working at heights, confined space, entry tele-handler, and much more.


  • Products for sale such as tools and safety equipment of the highest quality are available for sale at our stock store in our Welshpool facility. We offer tubes and fittings, Scaffman 9 Advanced Guaranteed system, Hoists, Elevated Work Platforms, Transport, Small lot deliveries, and much more.