Scaffolding Services in Bunbury

Bunbury Scaffolding Services offers top-notch and safe scaffolding requirements for all companies who need these services, which include rope access, scaffolding management, project management, not to mention training courses in WA.

With our trusted scaffolding and rigging in Bunbury, we are proud to be the company that focuses on the customer and the safety requirements, procedures and processes. Part of our Scaffolding Management Services in Bunbury offers the same dedicated, trusted and qualified workers to perform the jobs requisite of your project’s needs.

Whether you’re a plumber, an electrician or a worker for the mining and oil industries, our scaffolding services and sentry services are fully equipped and ready to manage your project efficiently and timeously, keeping safety above all other requirements.

Added to this is our Bunbury Training Centre, which comprises the most qualified and experienced lecturers to provide quality training for scaffolding in Bunbury and throughout Western Australia.

Through these courses, Bunbury Scaffolding, part of the SMS Group Bunbury, will enable workers to provide excellent and qualified services to your company’s project management needs. It is because of our dedicated training centre in Bunbury that we are able to provide workers at short notice from a pool of over 100 qualified workers.

This gives our clients the confidence they need to ensure their project is managed safely and efficiently. Owing to our dedicated team and our customer-focused business mind-set, we are fully confident and ready to assist your company with its projects and work throughout Bunbury and WA.

Our Services Include:

  • Scaffolding
  • Contracting
  • Sentry
  • Rope Access
  • Commercial Scaffolding
  • Mining, Oil, Gas industry services
  • Project Management
  • Training Institute
  • VOC Assessments
  • Products for sale.


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