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Roof and Walls Collapsing

Not a problem - Call SMS Group Services Recently one of our clients was presented with a major problem at a Perth local school. The pre-cast panels on the outside of the building had started to move and crack with the high level roof dropping over a large span sports building. Our client took [...]

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Ian Lewis_ Ricky Grace_SMS_2

Girls Academy Program

The Girls Academy program was founded in 2004 by Olympian and champion basketballer Ricky Grace. The Academy helps thousands of at risk aboriginal girls overcome barriers and strives to keep them at the 34 schools in the program of 2017. This year more than 2500 young girls will participate in the A [...]

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SMS Group Services and WACCC.

At SMS we have joined the WACCC and will be working with  Global Manufacturers  to look at a new aluminium scaffolding that could service the Oil and Gas industry and ship building/Maintenance projects. SMS has supported the concept of a light weight scaffolding system that would have enormou [...]

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confined space management

Confined Space Management

Find out exactly what Confined Space Management is. Working in a confined space is unfathomable for most people, but working in small spaces on construction, marine and mining sites would unhinge even the most relaxed individual. Aside from the cabin fever, the most dangerous aspects of this partic [...]

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big construction

5 Biggest Scaffolding Projects in the World

Massive buildings are an awe-inspiring sight. We often marvel at the sheer size and complexity of it once construction is complete. But do we ever think of the construction phase? There are many structures around the world that are constructed to engineering and architectural perfection, and it take [...]

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construction safety

Maintaining a safe working environment

When we head to work every day, we don’t often think about how to conduct our jobs because it becomes second nature. However, we do need constant reminders that what we’re doing is correct and in line with the company’s expectations. When it comes to working on commercial and industrial wor [...]

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commercial scaffolding

5 uses for scaffolding in the Commercial Sector

From construction to events, scaffolding is used everywhere Scaffolding is a complex weave of metal pipes or tubes, or even bamboo poles in some cases, which form a primary support structure for construction purposes. While scaffolding structures may not look all that sturdy from a distance, w [...]

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