5 uses for scaffolding in the Commercial Sector

commercial scaffolding

From construction to events, scaffolding is used everywhere

Scaffolding is a complex weave of metal pipes or tubes, or even bamboo poles in some cases, which form a primary support structure for construction purposes.

While scaffolding structures may not look all that sturdy from a distance, when properly constructed, and by relying on a simple but effective design, they are reliable, relatively cost-effective and an indispensable part of many commercial projects.

Scaffolding is one of the devices that has been used in construction for thousands of years and it hasn’t changed a whole lot. Those pyramids didn’t build themselves and they weren’t built by aliens either. Whoever built them used a complex maze of scaffolding to build one of the world’s man-made wonders. Today we continue to build technological masterpieces of epic proportions with all the modern technology we have, and yet the humble scaffold is still used daily in multiple sectors around the world.

Here are some of its commercial uses.


An obvious one, but scaffolding continues to be an indispensable tool of the construction industry. Despite all the heavy duty cranes and expandable ladders, it is still cheaper, safer, and quicker to use scaffolding to help construct certain buildings. The beauty of scaffolding is that it’s not limited by height restrictions, as long as you make sure it is properly secured. Especially once the core of the building is built the scaffold is then used to lay bricks, plaster walls, install windows and everything necessary to complete the outside and sometimes the inside of a building.

Cleaning & renovations

Once completed the scaffolding may come down, but there is no doubt that it will be required in the future to complete renovations or specialist cleaning jobs. Many of the world’s famous structures have required an intricate web of scaffolding to complete renovations. This includes the Washington Monument and Lady Liberty (that would be the Statue of Liberty).

In addition, if you ever need to clean windows and rope access is not an option, or you need to paint the outside of difficult-to-access buildings, scaffolding is the way to go.

Camera & lighting at events

No major event would be able to take place without scaffolding. From sport events, which often require scaffolding for commentators and camera operators, to concerts that use scaffolding to place speakers, lighting and even the odd Go-Go dancer.

Scaffolding is also used to build ramps for ski events or stunt drivers doing ridiculous jumps over multiple busses or huge ravines. This scaffolding needs to be expertly built and tested to ensure complete safety and it needs to be able to take a fair amount of strain under foot or vehicle traffic. These structures have also been used to build temporary bridges for various events that require a large amount of traffic to cross a river or enter a stadium.

Temporary seating

Ever been to a special sporting event and bought tickets for a temporary stand that has been erected specifically for that event? That is scaffolding at its best. A spider’s web of intricately linked seating that can often seat a good few thousand spectators.


Putting up an advert on a scaffolding structure offers the advertiser excellent visibility for large-scale posters or statues/pieces advertising their products. This would probably be a temporary measure for the outside of a stadium or at the start of events.

Scaffolding has been around for a long time and will continue to be around for the foreseeable future. Next time you’re at an event or passing a building under construction – take a closer look at the web of poles making simple, yet complex and useful, structures.

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