Down Greenbushes Way

2017-10-27 14.18.54

Its called SPODUMENE!! you might know it it by the name that is taking our State into a new level of export opportunity, Lithium.

Down at the Talison mine site at Greenbushes they have been producing Lithium as a marketable resource since 1983 when Lithium batteries became the preferred options for long life power on small devices like Gameboys  and then Mobile Phones.! Now the car industry is keen! So down Greenbushes way the lads and ladies at Talison are preparing to feed the world with high grade Lithium via the Tianqi lithium plant  being built at Kwinana, of which SMS Group Services is the preferred contracted supplier of Access Services (scaffolding).

The interest in Greenbushes mine is intent as local and Western Australian owner companies  are putting forward tier case and viable options to be a major part of the duplication of the Mine and process plant currently at Civil stage.

SMS Group Services are working with the State Government on Jobs for WA and WA business procurement opportunities and see this project as a great opportunity to grow local content for business sustainability ahead of international and national project profit draining leaving WA!

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