Roof and Walls Collapsing


Not a problem – Call SMS Group Services

Recently one of our clients was presented with a major problem at a Perth local school. The pre-cast panels on the outside of the building had started to move and crack with the high level roof dropping over a large span sports building.

Our client took over from another contractor who had attempted to jack up the roof with formwork shoring and MK11 soldiers and 20 ton jacks. Jacks had been positioned in each corner offering totalling 80 tons of lifting capacity so design was crucial. SMS had to consider the loads imposed on the shoring as the loads needed re-distributed between the towers.

The task at hand was engineered as the existing towers had to be left in position as removal could have resulted in the roof and or walls collapsing.

Our brief was to build thru the existing shoring, transfer the load onto our shoring tower then allow the client to jack up the roof whilst repairs were undertaken to the wall panels.

Our Project Manager Dave Wood consulted with the client on an acceptable solution which was further more complicated with a floating wooden basketball court then Tim Munro our Labour Supervisor executed the plan.

D-Day as SMS was put to the test and after a lot of creaks and Bangs, major slims jacked the walls back into position and SMS Group Services passed the Test.

The report card was graded as an A with a relieved school principle allowing students back into the sports facility after the structural engineers sign off and a long wait between the last game.

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