The New Safety Device Gridmesh Anchor


 Just this week, our SMS Training Institute were invited by designer and manufacturer, Stephen Linton, to test run the new safety device Gridmesh Anchor (GMA).

The GMA is a unique, quick to install product that will change the level of safety when installing temporary anchoring systems to overhead grid mesh. No longer will the use of sections of pipe or flat steel both of which can move, incorrectly applied and installed and create trip hazards.

The Gridmesh Anchor (GMA) is a breakthrough product in personal fall protection. The patent-pending design allows a user to set a fall protection anchor point above a grid mesh clad structure without the risk of a fall, enabling a worker to access locations below safely, without the need for scaffolding, rope technicians or elevated working platforms.

The GMA is ideal for use in a multitude of industrial applications and industries, including oil & gas, petrochemical plants onshore and offshore drilling rigs, power stations to name just a few.

The kit contains all the necessary item to install as safe and secure anchoring bar, housed in the carry pack that is used as a visible and safe walk over encapsulation for the anchor. Secure and No Trip Hazards! That is a winner!

Here in the photos is an advanced scaffolder doing his VOCs at the SMS Training Institute enjoying the chance to test the device. The team selected to test have provided great feedback that has resulted in SMS Group Services placing their order with GMA for several of these kits which should come on the market in the second half of this year.

SMSTI are so confident that this safety kit will soon be on many sites that we have incorporated as an option to provide training and VOC on correct use of the device.

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