This Is Not A Sales Pitch!

Scaffold drawings … Why?

The question is;

Why would a scaffold contractor/principal contractor spend money on a design for a scaffold?

The answer;

This allows the main contractor to plan with and sequence access for all trades. Scaffold drawings assist with pricing, contractual agreements and consistency.

As an example, on your typical new build housing estate you may have 5 different housing styles across 500 plots.

If you were to approach a Scaffold design consultancy to design the scaffold for the 5 different styles each style could be tailored and quantified for an easily manageable cost and programme. Process is standardised and safety improved!

How a compliant scaffold design can assist:

  • At preliminary stage or at tender, scaffold designs can be sent out and trades potentially using the scaffold can be consulted to see if the scaffold meets their demands. The scaffold can then be altered to reduce adaptions and meet all requirements. Any hazards and risks can be identified and designed out or appropriate actions introduced.
  • At approval stage, the scaffold can then be signed off by all contracted trades, if it meets their requirements. This then can be used as confirmation of approval and future changes can be assigned and charged to the respective parties.
  • The scaffold design can then be sent to Scaffold contractors as a tender document.
  • At this stage programmes, can be devised for your project and material quantified by the scaffold contractor.
  • In pricing terms, it is more competitive for the main contractor. This will then be fair across the board with all scaffold companies pricing the design accordingly.
  • This can also assist the scaffold contractor as any variations to the original design and scope can be charged.

Scaffold design is under-utilised on some projects, the scenario above is perfect for any system. All components can be quantified and the speed of erection

This is not a sales pitch from a scaffolding design provider yet this process will assist the main contractor for an overall better project.

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