Rope access in Perth

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SMS Rope Access

  • Rope Access Technicians (trained and VOC)
  • Bin & Silo access
  • Oil & Gas Rigs and Bridge work
  • Painting and other complex maintenance activities
  • Vessel maintenance (Dry Dock)
  • Inspections at Height
  • Assist with Rigging

Widely used across multiple industries, Rope Access work enables challenging jobs to be completed in typically hard-to-access areas. Performed by trained specialists, it uses techniques based on those initially developed by climbers and cavers. SMS Rope Access has recognized that there is a growing requirement to service Rope Access solutions on sites and buildings and we are developing these techniques to meet industry demands.

Through comprehensive training, accredited certification and a total commitment and adherence to safety guidelines, SMS Rope Access has built an outstanding safety record that meets these special access requirements.

We also offer Rope Access technicians opportunities to up-skill, with training for ascending, horizontal traversing and industrial climbing and qualified training to Work at Heights using all rope mechanisms, tools and equipment.

SMS Rope Access – leading the way in training and supply for Rope Access Technicians.


Industrial rope access

Rope Access is a means of accessing specific areas that are hard to reach by any other method. This can be achieved using ropes attached to the worker and to suitable anchorage points. When it comes to rope access in Perth and around the world, the techniques used are based on those developed by climbers and cavers.

Rope access work is conducted in multiple industries, and through excellent training and strict certification and adherence to safety guidelines, has built up an outstanding safety record over the years.


There are many advantages to using rope access as a means to working at heights and hard-to-reach places.

  • Economical & time-efficient
    Rope access is a relatively cheap, quick and safe way to complete a task, as opposed to building a scaffold for example, which is time consuming and expensive.
  • Safe
    Rope access has an enviable safety record of incurring injuries and fatalities. Particularly when compared to EWP and scaffold statistics.
  • Unobtrusive
    Using ropes confines the work to the specific site or building, meaning minimal disruption to surrounding activities.
  • Ease of use
    Using ropes is relatively quick to set up and dismantle, meaning you can work on one side of the building in the morning and another in the afternoon. 


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