Shutdown Work


Specialist shutdown services

Scaffolding Management Services provides shutdown services to clients in the resource sector who need to close their sites, permanently or temporarily.

As a provider of labour services, we understand that employees are the primary driving force behind any successful business. As a result, when it comes to shutdowns in Australia we make sure that you have the right people and equipment to ensure the process is not overly costly or stressful for you. As a seasoned supplier of shutdown services, we pride ourselves on providing relevant, practical and affordable shutdown services to all types of industry.

Our clients know they can rely on us, and they enjoy 100% confidence in our ability to deliver. We believe that by concentrating on safety, community, business, innovation and reliability, we can guarantee all our clients a solid service that they can rely on time after time.

When it comes to shutdowns in Australia, you want a plan in place, a solution tailored to your business’s specific requirements so that when a shutdown or outage happens, there is a seamless transformation that reduces stress to employees and cost to the company.


Mainlining sites, oil refineries and chemical plants have regular shut downs for maintenance, inspections, and clean-ups and other checks to ensure efficient production.

These companies know that in times like this they need to be prepared to ensure that their downtime and lost productivity is minimised.

When it comes to shutdowns, there is a variety of essential jobs to take into consideration. From engineers to project managers, the range of positions available is interesting, varied and challenging. They provide candidates with excellent opportunities to get involved in a variety of dynamic sectors. Many of today’s experienced employees in the mining and resource sector get their first job through shutdown jobs. We have the knowledge and experience required to guide and support you on your way to a sustainable and lucrative career.


We offer shutdown management, planning support and supervise work crews, who come with all the necessary qualifications, equipment, and logistical support.

We place a large emphasis on safety and professionalism, ensuring that workers, who assist with the shutdown management programme, know their jobs well, are suitably qualified and competent to work safely and productively under often-strict time constraints.

Contact us today for efficient shutdown services. Our team is on hand to assist you with all your enquiries and orders.