Why SMS Group Services

Established in 2001, we are a well known, successful WA company

  • We are customer focused
  • Policies, Process and Accreditations
  • Determined to build strong partnerships
  • We act with integrity and do what we say we will do


Safety process and our enviable record

  • Zero LTIs in 10 years
  • We choose the best people for the job
  • Create safe work environments – SMS “Wel-Safe”
  • VOC and Inductions are one of SMS’s most successful industry initiatives
  • Our Sentry Service for Confined Space Access and Gas Testing, making the industry safer


We are experienced with a range of projects, including Process plants, Greenfields and Brownfield builds and major constructions

  • Undisrupted supply of equipment and labour on all jobs and projects


We understand the current market and labour availability

  • We know the right person for the job is the key to success
  • Our labour pool gives SMS the ability to easily large groups of personnel at short notice, with 175+ additional SMS employees
  • We are experienced in safe and timely mobilisation & demobilisation for shutdowns
  • We work with you and your planners to assure on time and accurate supply for shutdowns and maintenance work.
  • Staff retention exceeds industry average, providing consistency in supervision and key company contacts


Skilled Specialist labour Perth

If you are looking for highly skilled, experienced labour in Perth , contact us. We are your recommended trained labour specialists for large and small projects.

Whether you require adept and experienced skilled specialist labour for large or small industrial jobs, or you require labour for major mining or commercial projects, we have the right people and the correct equipment for hire. As specialists, we employ knowledgeable, flexible and motivated staff who can perform to the highest standards.

Our aim is to work closely with you to determine and understand your requirements and fully commit to finding the right person for the job. We have a database of skilled personnel to choose from, ensuring they complete all projects with the professionalism of permanent staff.

We are able to scale our services appropriately to suit your project’s demands.


Contact us for:

 Specialist managers

We have a pool of experienced managers specialised in various aspects of industry. Once we have assessed your labour requirements and specific job demands, we will assign an appropriate manager, with the relevant specialist skills and knowledge required to complete your project to the highest standards.



If you require qualified inspectors to be on site for the duration of a project, or to make frequent visits to various sites, we have a pool of inspectors on our books who are equipped with a variety of qualifications that are suited to multiple industries. Contact us for reliable and knowledgeable inspectors.



Our database of supervisors with relevant experience and expertise is vast, meaning we can choose from a capable group of supervisors when looking for suitable candidates for your particular project.


 Leading hands

A Leading Hand is generally a qualified operator or civil works specialist who takes more responsibility within a team. While this is not exactly a supervisory job, it does require a ‘hands on’ approach and the ability to motivate and lead by example. Contact us for qualified and experienced leading hands for hire.



Scaffolding is a critical part of many construction and civil sites, and only qualified individuals should do these jobs. We have many competent scaffolders on call, who have all the necessary experience and capability to take on extreme platform jobs, professionally, efficiently and safely.

When you work with SMS contracting we guarantee you a completely professional approach, with specialist labour who are reliable and efficient with a solid work ethic, ensuring they meet your standards of quality, efficiency and timing.


For labour and equipment that can be mobilised as part of a complete scaffold management package, we are your preferred choice.

Contact us for a FREE labour quote, or for more information on our scaffolding services on (08) 6424 8012.