Dawson Miller, Perth Night Jump Committee

The organisers of the Perth Night Jump (PNJ) would like to thank you for being a Product Sponsor for the above event over the last three years. SMS contribution helped promote Perth to a worldwide audience who speak highly of the event and it is considered a template for other cities to use.Working with Brad and his onsite scaffolders was an experience that others in the building industry could learn from and adapt. Obstacles were easily overcome and we were able to agree on a working time frame that was suitable for all.

The working platforms for media and TV cameras were commented on by visiting members of the IWWF as being the best they had seen in our sport.

The venue owners were very appreciative that the promised dismantling and removal of equipment off site was completed as scheduled, as they have had experiences in the past of being let down.

The PNJ organisers look forward to working with SMS in the future.